Table for one please…

As I sit here at the hotel restaurant, I begin to overhear other conversations. You know, people talk about work, family and of course, other co-workers. They talk about how they look, how lazy they are, and more importantly, what they look like. You can’t help but wonder who is happily married and who has decided to be single for the night. Did I even mention that I’m sitting alone? Yup, very liberating, in fact. Today was a great day….but for some twisted reason I feel like I need to take advantage of my company paying for my meals for the past week. Not talking about money, talking about the food, would I eat the same had I have to pay? No. Excuse me while I take a sip of my vodka soda. AHHH refreshing! Tomorrow is my last day of my event, then I finally get to go home Thursday! ZUMBA Friday!! I will miss this bed though. Oh I wore SPANX again today, but decided that I should only wear the top, considering I’d like to go to the bathroom more than once today….OH where are my manners, I didn’t tell you about SPANX yesterday…HOLY CRAP!! SUPER TIGHT! Yeah I looked great, not to mention that I couldn’t breathe! When will the day come when I won’t have to wear SPANX? Soon baby, soon! MUAH!


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