There is a God…

WOW! I went to Target thinking maybe I can find some cute dresses for my upcoming work event. The event will be 5 days and I need to dress business attire. I do have clothes, but since I’ve gained the honeymoon 15, nothing looks or feels right! Okay, so I didn’t find anything, HOWEVER, as I looked in the hosiery section, there hanging, as if the clouds had parted on a rainy day, what did I see? SPANX!!!! I couldn’t decide what I needed, okay I knew I needed somehting for the top and something to keep my thighs smooth..soooooo I bought a complete set. SPANX! I told myself I wouldn’t try on my clothes until I got a good Zumba class in. Well, if you read yesterdays posting then you know that I didn’t have a great workout afterall. Woke up fresh this morning, put on my SPANX and not bad…..look at me! Why didn’t I think of this earlier? So between my SPANX and tights…I’ll look at least 2 sizes smaller. Ummm, okay, maybe one size. You know, I’m glad I didn’t find any clothes, this is just a sign for me to save my money for a skinnier day and it will come. If you haven’t tried SPANX, you are missing out! One more note, I will not be drinking any liquid for the sake of having to take all my gear off! MUAH!


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