Worked out?

Did you ever get so excited to workout or in my case, go to Zumba class, got there…started then all of a sudden just didn’t feel like it? That happened to me today..the music was pumping, my body was moving then…PUT THE BRAKES ON! my legs just didn’t want to move anymore. Of course, I did sweat little bit, but nearly as much as yesterday. I think it was because I was thinking about dinner. Not to self, eat something before I workout. So, of course husband and I went out for dinner THEN out for ice cream! Maybe this is my twisted way of saying goodbye to these eating bad days, since I’ll be starting Weight Watchers next week. Okay, looks like I’ll be making the same chicken and brocilini meal…poor husband. Well at least I’m going away for a week and then he can eat whatever he wants…lookout fast food! MUAH!


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