Did you ever just feel…

…like you tried to get on with your day, but there was something that you needed to do first? Yeah, me too, then I realized that it had been 2 days since I wrote. Had a great weekend, was in a hotel Thursday and Friday. And if you have ever struggled with food… staying in hotel is like a vacation. I remember a few years ago, I had made prior arrangements to have Weight Watcher meetings during lunch. It was the week before I was to go on a cruise for work and knew that I needed to start WW when I got back. Alas, I will be staying in a hotel this Thursday til next Thursday. And of course, I’ll be starting WW when I get back. We went out to a Mexican restaurant on Saturday…really, at what point do you say “no thank you” to more chips? MINDLESS EATING! Is it when you justify that there are 5 of you eating? UGH. Okay, I do know I will have to say goodbye to eating out as much as I do now, and when I do….SUSHI!! Can’t wait for Zumba tonight! Btw, here’s some randomness… I was talking to a friend, and she is in a transition period in her life…does she pursue her life’s dream or stay where she’s always been? I say go for it! At what age in our life are we suppose to stop dreaming? I feel that as long as we are alive, our lil hamster heads should always be going. At least, that’s what Pollyana would do. Make the most of what you have, but have one eye on something better! MUAH!


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