Are you happy?

I was in a room with people, when suddenly someone said “you’re always so happy, I admire that”. HAPPY! Yes, I was shocked, however, I always felt that everyone should always be happy, I mean really what’s the alternative? Then that got me thinking…here I’ve been thinking that these people should all be happy, I mean they have great jobs and make a great salary. Nope. We all wake up the same way and we need to decide..will I be happy today or am I going to allow situations dictate my happiness? I woke up 45 min before my alarm this morning, only because my friend accidentally called me… ummmm…should I be upset? NO, I woke up and looked at it as..I have 45 min to get beautiful. I was taught long ago that everything in life is a gift and without getting all Pollyana on you, you and only can treat that gift as you like. Me? I love life and want to make you smile. So, it is up to you to go down with a frown. We all deserve to be happy….and at the same time, we can all be sad. But really? I wouldn’t want to be around you that way…don’t bring me down. Handle the problem and get back to being HAPPY! Muah!


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