Different this time

Well, I’m at the annual hair and nail show that is held every year in Long Beach. I get to see the same faces I saw last year. I look the same, only this time I’m married. I’m excited that I get to spend some quality time in the hotel gym….UGH I forgot my IPod. Woke up this morning with every intention of going to spin, but then I felt my legs…no bueno, they are still way to sore! Had a couple drinks and all protein at dinner..yummy…lamb chops. I’m looking forward to starting WW.. only 2 more weeks then I can get on track. Have you ever felt like there was something missing and you just couldn’t figure out what? I eventually want to add things like style, makeup, and what not to this blog and gear towards other Latinas. I’m watching an infomercial for P90X these people are nuts!!! Yes of course I’d like to get lean and ripped BUT really? Have you seen those workouts? UMM no it’s ok I’ll just stick to my Zumba and Body Pump classes….MUAH!


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