Reflection Day…who knew?

I thought for the first time I didn’t have anything to say..BOY WAS I WRONG? Woke this morning to soreness, rocked Zumba and Body Pump last night. Met a few more people and together I hope we all meet whatever goals we have. GREAT NEWS! My sister-n-law gave birth to my new nephew, Ryan Matthew. This is when I began to reflect on what has happened in my life since my first nephew was born. The real reason I left Los Angeles and came back to San Diego. I will only know what it’s like to be a Tia and now a stepmother. I knew I never wanted children and once my 2 brothers began having children, I knew in my heart it was time to go back to my family and friends. LA never felt right, I never even bought furniture for the apartment I had for 4 years. I was given everything. My life has come full circle and now I live in the same town I was brought up in. I now have 3 nephews and 1 niece. WOW!! Looking back, I was willing to quit the best job, not because I had a better one, but because family and friends became more important. I wish I had realized that sooner and had more time with one of my best friends, Ria. DEEP BREATH!! I was very lucky that I kept my job and still get to see my LA friends. FRIENDS…ahh yes the very people who make me whom I am today… back in the day we spoke about boys, now it’s kids (I listen), and how we still GOT IT, or at least we think we do, or want to get it back! I love them! MUAH!!


2 thoughts on “Reflection Day…who knew?

  1. Ah, I remember that time well. I wish I had a dollar for every hour that Ria and I spent strategizing about how we could get you to move back down. And yah, we all noticed the “lack of commitment” furniture in your LA apartment, El! You weren’t fooling anyone! 🙂 LOL!!


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