Made a decision!

Rocked it at Zumba last night..loved it…my one of my BFs was there too! Got home last night and I couldn’t figure out why I had a headache..had I danced the samba so much that I shook my head or was I hungry? SO, I took advil and ate a sandwich thin. I met a woman last night who had lost 50 lbs on Weight Watchers..OKAY GOD I know this is my wake up call. I have been in limbo on joining WW, I lost about 70 lbs ago over 10 years ago on WW and have gained about 25 lbs back. I believe people are put in your life for different reasons…there I said it..I’M DONE! I’ll be joining WW in 2 weeks. I’m determined to not only make my goal, BUT I also want to become a leader! I remember how great I felt physically and now I need to work hard to get that feeling back. My new motto – “I want to look as great as I feel.” Now my husband wants to watch his diet…my first step, get a NEW WW cookbook..”cooking for two”. Tonight, Zumba and then Body Pump, because I do not want to be flabby! MUAH!


3 thoughts on “Made a decision!

  1. You can do anything you put your mind to – I know first hand! Go on and be the inspiration for all of us! Be leery of spinach though…. I think it made my appendix burst… just a thought. luv ya!


  2. You don’t look Latina in that pic with the person from Jersey…I’m just saying. LOL Love the new blog! Another thing about spinach…we usually buy the tub of baby spinach. I know it’s organic and I’m not sure if the huge bag is but I haven’t bought the bag in ages. Spinach is one of those things that you need to buy organic..just like greens and lucky for me, I get the Costco tub of greens as well. Back to WW? Perhaps I’ll be joining you after I squish this kid out! 🙂


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