Sunday Fun Day!

Okay let’s just get my confession out of the way.. I caved in… remember how I was saying yesterday that I hope I don’t want to eat bad food when I start drinking?? Well, it happened, yeah my BF and ended up drinking a bottle of red wine then of course I had the bright Idea..lets go next door to this new gastropub…one beer later and feeling good, we order sweet potato fries and then bread pudding..delicious! But why is that after I eat that, I find myself asking why did I just do that? Onto other matters, woke up this morning feeling great, but only because I drank 2 advils last night. I wasn’t planning on moving my body in a ways to burn calories, however, my BF and I ended up going for a walk. Then it was off to family dinner at my mom’s…THEN off to Players to watch the STEELERS beat the JETS YAHOOOOO!!!!!! There are other things that need to be discussed…. MUAH!


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