Start again…last time!

The weekend came and went and I’m still here only this time..I’m wondering what was I thinking? I wasn’t even hungry while I began eating sweet bread at my lil bro’s house….nor did I need that snack from 7-11. YUP, so mentally I start again. You know what though I’ve finally come to the conclusion this is the last time I will start again. Questions to ask myself..with every meal… Am I hungry? Do I need it? and lastly, Why am I eating this? I’d like the answers to be… yes I’m hungry, yes I need to nourish my body with the good things this food is providing me and I need to eat this because I need to fuel my body for the next couple of hours. I wore my jeans this past weekend and felt really good in them. It’s strange because although I’m working today, I had this strong urge to come clean with you. There, done onto the next thing…. Zumba tonight! Wait, maybe I’m not done..watching I Use to Be Fat… I want to shout… YOU CAN DO IT!! Sad thing, I use to look really good… I mean I stlil feel good, but I need to find that inner strength again to shed the layers of me off so I can do it all..MUAH!


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