Shake it Baby, shake it!

Started off with a GREAT workout last night..ZUMBA!! Talk about shaking your booty and then some. I go in with my hair all cute and come out with my hair slicked back with sweat. Okay, here’s the run down of my menu….Meal 1 – eggs, spinach, cheese and avocado, meal 2 – sandwich thin, meal 3 – shrimp, cheese, spinach and avocado… SPINACH, explain to me why a couple would buy the huge bag of spinach from Costco? We bought it Monday and have been eating it like 3 times a day! I know at some point I should become a domestic goddess and cook, but really? who has time for that? A friend of mine gave me a bunch of lemons..all I can think about was a vodka and soda…YUMMY! This morning I went to the class, yet I think I need to try other teachers. SAME MUSIC makes for a BORED STUDENT. Went to have some coffee with my girlfriend, B. Meal 1 today – eggs, cheese, avocado AGAIN, I know but I do get creative when I eat out. I did weigh myself this morning to see how I did yesterday… I’d like to report a 2 lb loss, BUT as many of you that can change as soon as I eat some carbs.. AHHH yes, carbs, I know them well, however, I am limiting myself to 120 grams. My BF is in town and we are headed out to the Barrel Room tonight for some vino. I will try to control myself, but I find that my “watching what I eat” goes out the window once I start drinking.
I’m trying not to go out to eat this weekend….we’ll see..


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