Buenos Dias!

Today is all about staying….okay, getting on track. I did a kettle ball workout yesterday, only I used a dumbell and had a fantastic sweat going on. Feeling great, I made a salad for dinner. I’m trying to eat like 5 times a day without one meal being bigger than the others. Meal 1 – eggs, spinach, cheese; Meal 2 – 100 cal thin; Meal 3 – Morningstar patty; Meal 4 – salad. Okay that was 4 meals…today I’ll eat 5. I did weigh myself and not going to report numbers, HOWEVER, I will report that I went down .6lbs..I know it’s slow but you should have seen what I ate over the weekend! My husband and I went out to eat for EVERY meal….. AND it was a 3 day weekend! I’m watching my sugar and carb intake. I’m going to Zumba class to shake what I got…which isn’t much! MUAH!


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